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Livingston Pressure Balance Shower Set

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  • Pressure Balancing Bath and Shower Set

    Solid Brass Construction: Durable, ideal material for
    prolonged contact with water.

    Ceramic Disc Valve Cartridge: Assures a lifetime of
    smooth handle operation and drip-free performance.

    Pressure Balancing Valve: Maintains output
    temperature in response to changes in relative hot and
    cold supply pressure. Diaphragm system engineered to
    eliminate cross flow and spool "thumping". Avoids failure
    due to mineral deposits - ideal for use with hard water.

    Adjustable Hot Limit Safety Stop: Limits the
    amount of hot water allowed to mix with cold. Reduces
    the risk of accidental scalding.

    Integral Plaster Guard and Mounting Plate:

    Plaster guard designed to protect valve during installation
    and to serve as a mounting plate for thin wall installations.

    Choice of Finishes: Available in Polished Chrome or
    Satin Nickel (PVD).

    Lifetime Finishes: Won't peel, tarnish or scratch.

    Lifetime Warranty on Function and Finish.

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